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What is Heathers?
In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions.
Heathers tributes and forums is a unique area of the world wide web.
Heathers website is perfect for paying tribute to a person, time, or event that has a special place in your heart.

Why should I join?
There are many reasons to join the Heathers website including:

Create personal, private or show the world your awesome Tributes ...More
Create, rate and share recipes for both food and drink in Heathers Kitchen ...More
Create quotes including full author biography and gallery ...More
Earn points and get yourself to the top of the Heathers leaderboard ...More
Make friends and join forces to create fantastic tributes together ...More
Create and maintain your own photo gallery ...More
Great security options including maintaining your own privacy ...More
Your pictures and media are securely saved on the Heathers.co server ...More

Check out the Heathers website Tag Wall ...More

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How do I join Heathers?
Joining Heathers is fast, free and simple.  Just click on the Create new account link and follow the instructions.
Once approved your new Heathers.co account will be up and running.

Where do I start?
You may find help from this thread in the forum here.

Contact Heathers
Feel free to get in touch with Heathers here.

Final words
We hope to keep the Heathers website alive and kicking forever! So please create as many varied and interesting tributes as you can.

The only limit to your tribute is your imagination!