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Suzi Perry


Suzi Perry
Birth name: 
Suzanne Perry
Date of birth: 
Sunday, May 3, 1970
Cosford, Shropshire, England, UK
Country of birth: 
  • Television presenter
  • Journalist
About the author: 
Suzi Perry "Good egg" (Self proclaimed) is a British television presenter and model. Suzi was born in an RAF hospital in Cosford, Shropshire, England; the daughter of a music promoter – her godfather was guitarist Mel Galley. Raised in Finchfield, she attended Smestow school in Wolverhampton, and had a school job as a lighting technician at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre. She went on to study business studies and finance at Wolverhampton Polytechnic (now the University of Wolverhampton). Highly experienced, extremely well-liked, very attractive and approachable Suzi really does have it all. Being able to expertly turn her hand to both live and pre-recorded work. Suzi is an intelligent, enthusiastic and all-round presenter that would be an asset to any show. After college she had a break in modelling and spent 15 months in Japan and 18 months in London. Perry's television career is most known for 15 years spent as a presenter for BBC coverage of MotoGP motorcycle racing. She is currently a co-host of The Gadget Show.
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  • Dear east midlands airport, life is too short to eat food that has less taste than a piece of paper. :-(
  • I think if you start taking bits out of something like "Fawlty Towers" that would offend anybody, you end up with the titles and the closing credits.

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