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Darius Campbell Danesh

Darius Campbell Danesh


Darius Campbell Danesh



Rest In Peace Darius

 19 August 1980 – 11 August 2022


Sadly it's time to bid a fond farewell to the very talented Darius.

Born in the Scottish city of Glasgow, Darius found fame as a reality TV star in such shows as Pop Stars, Pop Idol and eventually winner of the first ever series of Popstar to Operastar before going to carve a successful career in theatre and film as a producer.

On 11th August 2022 Darius was found unresponsive in his apartment and later passed away on the same day.

The autopsy showed that inhalation of Chloroethane, a painkiller that Darius was taking for a previous neck injury was the cause and his death was ruled accidental.


Darius - Colourblind

Darius - Rushes


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